Combo Meal

  • Combo 1

    Any one entree with one side

    Upgrade to Pad Thai

  • Combo 2

    Any two entree with one side

    Upgrade to Beef Entree

  • Combo 3

    Any three entrees with one side

    Upgrade to Shrimp Entree

Chef’s Special

  • Chef

    Two meats + egg roll + Thai tea

Noodle Bar

  • Chicken

    Ramen or Udon

  • Steak

     Ramen or Udon

  • Tonkotsu

    Ramen or Udon

  • Shrimp

    Ramen or Udon

  • Spicy Beef

    Noodle soup

Side Order

  • Spring Roll

  • Crab Rangoon (4)

  • Fried Rice / Lo Mein

  • Egg Roll

  • Vegetables Only

  • Single Entree


  • Soft Drink

  • Bottle Drink

  • Thai Bubble Tea

  • Milk Tea

    Taro Tea, Thai Tea, Japanese Matcha,Creamy Coconut Tea

  • Fruit Tea

    Mango Tea, Passion Fruit Tea, Strawberry Tea, Honey Lemon Tea

  • One Free Topping

    Black Tapioca, Mango Popper, Lychee Jelly, Strawberry Popper